Hubpages has changed so much that I reduced my efforts there to a very minimal maintenance and occasional new articles. I still visit the site daily, and am deliberating on whether I am a good fit for the site as it is run at this time.

Squidoo To Hubpages ::Blink::

This entire section will change because of the huge news that Squidoo sold all its content to Hubpages.

It was a sudden announcement and it is  a scrambling sort of move, since all will be finished by October 2014. Ilona1 on Hubpages will remain, but IlonaGarden on hubpages is the new profile necessary for the transfer of all the Squidoo pages. There will be automatic redirects.

Watch this page for developments!

IlonaGarden Hubpages

Ilona1 Squidoo

My Blog

I had a nice little blog that announces new lenses, lens related news, and keep tabs on my work over at Squidoo. However, since the name of it included the now defunct Squidoo I started a new blog. Easy enough to do on Blogger.

Ilona1 Hubber

I’ve enjoyed my time in the Squidoo community and have worked VERY hard on getting a presence there. It has deeply cut into my other projects, but like they say, it is a bit addictive.

Here is a list of my lenses. There are now 180 published lenses, and more in the works. They have been producing income. so while the original purpose of providing good linkage to my sites has not really materialized, the side benefit of finally getting a bit of income for my writing (and learning lots about online marketing and making good copy!) has made this a fun pastime and a useful part of my online work.

Due to global changes at Hubpages, I moved many of my articles to my own sites. However, the are in the listw below with their updated links. Additionally, Hubpages made separate niche sites, and incorporated some of my articles,  Enjoy!



Hungarian Culture 

Middle Eastern Culture 

Home Decor 

Christmas and Holiday 
I went wild with Christmas theme lenses when on Squidoo, but many have moved to my Loving Christmas site.
The Latest Christmas 

Christmas Decor





Food and Recipes

Art Related 




Posts About Hubpages

Hubpages And Brit TV

Hubpages And Brit TV

What is the connection you say? My latest work on Hubpages included reviews of the many detective shows I watch. Usually on Amazon Prime, but sometimes on PBS, or Netflix. (Catch your own prime membership:Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) My New Hubpage Chosen For...

Since updating the site…

I am not sure I need or want another community site. so this will go back to the drawing board. I've been working very hard on Squidoo, and recently put lots more designs for Zazzle products up at Ilona's Garden Shop- go check it out if you land here. there isn't much...

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