I am not sure I need or want another community site. so this will go back to the drawing board.

I’ve been working very hard on Squidoo, and recently put lots more designs for Zazzle products up at Ilona’s Garden Shop– go check it out if you land here. there isn’t much to do here, so you might as well follow the links.

Squidoo is slowly up and running, although the amount of lenses and work it requires is more than the income merits. I have learned a lot, in the meantime, and that is always worth something. It is still Christmas time and I am hoping that the Christmas lenses do better next year if I am still at it. The top lens is the Advent lens. The Advent blog did not do well this year, which was disappointing since last year was wonderful- so many visitors. I am not sure what happened, as I was better at keeping up with the schedule this year.

Squidoo lenses such as Cute Teddy Bears never took off, which is a shame because it was a very nice lens. Gingerbread Decor and Artist Gifts weren’t so good, but it was “Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree” that really tanked. Info on living, artificial, and cut trees was included. Either people don’t need that information or I didn’t headline it well. That , or too much competition, because it was not a bad page.

Well, this was just a little experiment, because I have lots of this type of post on the ilona1 Squidoo blog. But I needed something to write about here since I changed the template and the did away with the buddypress stuff.

I ought to show you some of my new Zazzle, though…

I have lots more than that- but just wanted to show a few new things!