Ilona’s Zazzle

I have several stores on Zazzle, now.


One is AffirmativeGirl, where everything is young and upbeat! Positive vibes, affirmations, and optimism rule this special place.

Vintage Ilona

Vintage Ilona was begun for those who love old fashioned styles, classics, and Victoriana.


IlonaBaby is for Baby and Young Children’s designs and products. Characters, announcements, party supplies… all for Kids.


For spiritual expression and Christian faith I began this store. HigherLife has categories for fruits of the spirit like “Joy” and “Faith”, and Tshirt designs. More have been added and more are planned.

Specialized Products

Two stores are each for their particular emphasis:
caseNpoint is for electronic cases and mousepads, etc. while, Artful Walls concentrates on wall art like posters or products that we hang on a wall like clocks.

Go see either

The Main Store

Where it all started… the Zazzle effort I opened many years past, but didn’t really start working with until about 2011. It has taken a long time for me to begin getting the hang of this! I do believe that my designs are improving tremendously, and I have finally been dedicating plenty of time and some financial investment in making this a creative success.

Visit Ilona’s Garden for Watercolors, Pillows and T-shirts, the Hungarian Shop and more. It is very eclectic.

The Z-store page periodically features various products or collections and designs.