After gardening for many years, it was time to write.

That was more than a decade ago, when I decided to share as much of my accumulated garden experience with those coming after me, or with fellow enthusiasts. A small section of a personal website turned into  the many pages and photos on my sites and social media.
On this post you can find:

  • Garden articles I’ve written for Hubpages; a number have been moved to my sites and the links have been updated
  • My garden websites (blog, review center, and informational site)
  • Some writing insights from many years writing for the web.

While most of the articles are still found on Hubpages, many were moved due to changes there and have been included in my garden sites.

writing the old fashioned way

Writing the old fashioned way. I used to write out all my articles in a notebook, first.

Tips On How You Can Write Your Own Pages

Since gardening is the hobby which I have spent the most time on, it is not surprising that I have a growing set of articles centered on the topic.

In both writing about it and spending lots of years in the actual pursuit of it I have dedicated time and effort into learning the skills. Some of my writing has served as a journal to record my research on plants, the successes -and failures- of planting them in the Ohio garden I tend.

For those who enjoy reading on the wide-ranging topics found in the garden, I present them to you and hope you like them.

The Garden

Gardening is one of those hobbies where there is just so much to know, so this set of hubs is an ever expanding index. Learning to garden is truly a lifelong adventure.

hellbore blossom

Double Hellebore

 Here is my collection of gardening articles.

  • How Did I Live Without A Leaf Vacuum?
    I love trees and my yard has lots of them. But when autumn comes, all that leaf litter needs something besides me to do the clean-up job. I have an opinion on which leaf vacuum is best.
  • Keep An Important Record Of Your Garden With Journal
    A great idea for adding value to your home, budget landscaping, and keep track of your plantings and produce from the garden.
  • National Seed Swap Day
    Gardener’s have traditionally loved to trade with each other: tips ad advice, seeds and plants, even tools of the trade. It is no surprise that as the seed supplies available from seed companies have been shrinking, that grassroots gardeners have…
  • Garden Tools for Beginners
    Just starting out as a new homeowner? Get the garden tools you need. Tips on what tools a newbie gardener should buy.

Gardener’s Choice – Best Garden Books For Your Home Library

There are times when a good, well illustrated, gardening book is just what you need to create a new garden area, improve your landscape, or figure out where to plant that new plant you couldn’t resist at the neighborhood garden center. If you don’t already own these books, consider building your home reference library with these books that have proven tried, true, and on my short list for top garden picks.

The Well-Designed Mixed Garden: Building Beds and Borders with Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, and BulbsThe Well-Designed Mixed Garden: Building Beds and Borders with Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, and Bulbs

This book is one that you will constantly reference. It is the only book that I think every gardener should own. Maybe because this is how I garden!

Taking her clear and personable style of writing and her expertise to tell everything about taking care of your perennials, Tracy DiSabato-Aust creates truly useful garden books.

I don’t have as many reviews on the Hubpages site, having moved them to The Garden Librarian:

  • The All Time Best Weeder
    In all my years of gardening I have never loved a tool as much as my Cape Cod Weeder.
  • Handy Garden Snips
    Surprised at the usefulness of this inexpensive little tool, I wrote a glowing review that describes the many tasks they are useful for in the yard..
  • Gardener’s Gift List
    An older list I made, but still useful for a wide range of gifting ideas, from free to some Amazon selections, etc.

Flower Gardens

  • Flowers of Giverny, Flowers that Monet Grew
    Monet’s Giverny is one of the most famous cottage gardens filled with scenes created by the Master. Here are his flowers, so you can make your own masterpiece garden.
  • Dirt Cheap Garden Ideas
    There are many ways to save money, learn a few tips about being a frugal gardener.
  • A Quaint Cottage Garden Isn’t For Everybody
    A cottage style garden is not for everyone. Find out whether this charming style is for you, whether to modify it, or forego it altogether.
  • Cottage Garden Accessories
    You have the flower beds and a bevy of abundant flowering plants, but have you thought how much the right garden accessories and ornaments could add to the atmosphere of your Cottage garden?

The Flowers That Get Planted

Tips On Planting Your Crocus Bulbs

My writing caused me to branch out into video

The development of the internet has made most garden writers stretch themselves from learning to format a post to becoming a photographer, and then becoming someone who wears many hats- including videographer! As you can see on this page, it also can include being a book and product reviewer. All that may be work, but it is fun, as well. My biggest complaint is that I can’t write and garden at the same time.

Understanding Garden Design: The Complete Handbook for Aspiring Designers
Understanding Garden Design: The Complete Handbook for Aspiring Designers

Everything to know about how to design your own landscape, this book is not just for beginners, but is easily understandable enough for a beginning gardener.

I Am Planting Bulbs Again

Flower Related

Somehow I manage to insert flowers in wherever I can. For those hubs about flowers in some way, but not about gardens or how to plant successfully…. see these links listed below.
Hawaiian flowers

  • Hawaiian Flower Arrangements
    Are you familiar with the colorful, often fragrant world of tropical blossoms? Have you seen Bird of Paradise blooms outside your window, or plucked a Plumeria blossom from a tree for tucking beside your ear?
  • Best Wedding Flowers For Every Month
    Every month has its seasonal flowers. To obtain the freshest, most beautiful, available, and affordable flowers, it helps to know what is in season for your bridal month. Flowers are probably one of the more costly wedding purchases, not as much as..

When I was on Squidoo one of my garden lenses won the LOTD award. It was like getting the blue ribbon at the fair, and it was so much fun. See The Gardens of Ohio, and find out more about gardens to visit in Ohio.

flower pots

The Nuts And Bolts Of Gardening

My Garden Writing On Hubpages

Love of a garden grows into Hubbing

You might want to know how to grow a particular plant, or perhaps you are trying to decide what style you want your garden to be.

You might already have a garden, or recently bought your first house and want to landscape it….

Fairy gardens enchant me.

Fairy gardens enchant me

There are many questions and answers in the practice of gardening and the pages listed below attempt to give you insights into the information you need to know about just that!


Garden Places

To visit and learn from

The greatest inspiration is to visit a garden. It is calming, exciting, and educating all at once. Gardens are my favorite place to be -next to being on a beach by the ocean,that is- and if I can find a seaside garden that would be about perfection for me. I’d like to share this love with you, and let you know about gardens to visit – virtually if not physically!

I haven’t written nearly enough about places I visited. I suppose I had too much fun just enjoying the moment, but perhaps I will share more of those types of experiences in the future.

Places To Go, with Gardeners In Mind

Scene from Seagrove on the highway

I found one of those perfect little seaside gardens you can visit, too, “Pickets, in Seagrove, Florida“. It was a little shop attached to the prettiest garden…Right near Destin on the Scenic Highway 30 along the Gulf Coast of Florida. A post was written for my blog from that visit.

  • Visit One Of Ohio’s Beautiful Public Gardens
    Ohio has many beautiful gardens to visit, so if you are planning a visit or live in Ohio and wish to discover more of the state, here is a cornucopia of public gardens that are worth visiting.
  • Gardens of Ohio: Park of Roses
    A wonderful, world renowned rose garden is in Columbus, Ohio. I visited the Whetstone Park of Roses throughout my life. I hope you will enjoy it in photos, and someday visit.

Better Writing Tips

Better Writing Tips In A Nutshell

  • Practice your craft
  • Write about your passions
  • Find your voice
  • Learn to format for online readers
  • Improve your grammar
  • Check your spelling
  • Edit your work
  • Keep learning
Completely Customizable Zazzle Design that is Completely Customizable
  • Plan A Garden Unit Study
    A unit study with the topic of gardening at the hub is one of the easiest to create and follow. It gets everyone outdoors and incorporates every single academic subject! What could be more fun?
  • Become A Garden Writer
    Have you ever wished you could write about the garden and all you have learned about the skills and shortcuts to growing plants? If you wish to become a garden writer, read on.

My Garden is on Amazon too

Ilona's Garden JournalIlona’s Garden Journal

Aromatic Garden

Aromatic Garden