Last year, as my income from google dived I started to look at a way to support my writing. I have been spending more on themes, hosting, even a bit of help setting up my sites on the new host. I still need to purchase new graphic software (hoping for latest version of Photoshop), and a new camera ( hoping for a Canon Rebel) to expand and improve my sites. I want to become a resource for people, especially of my children’s generation.

When I started I had no idea what an investment blogging and being a webmaster would be.

To make this long story shorter, I explored sites where you can produce income online. Squidoo has been somewhat successful for me. I say somewhat because I do not put in as much time there right now; the many changes -while I view them for the better- created a time and effort sink and dampened my enthusiasm. Relearning so much, reworking writing, redoing graphics are all incredibly effort consuming. I do hope to get into a better work rhythm and write more in the new format with the personal emphasis the site is aiming for.

The second site I explored was “Hubpages”, and I am still in the learning phase and have not produced much, yet. The earnings there are proportionately paltry, but they are responsive to work plus participation.
I’m going to list my newest Hubpage work int the sidebar, here.

The nuts and bolts of writing online has a place on Webhelp.