What is the connection you say?

My latest work on Hubpages included reviews of the many detective shows I watch. Usually on Amazon Prime, but sometimes on PBS, or Netflix. (Catch your own prime membership:Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)

My New Hubpage Chosen For The Reelrundown Site

I give a short synopsis and review of each of my top favorites that star female leads in ‘Best British Female Centric Detective Shows: Gritty, Independent, Surprisingly Strong‘.

I like the variety of personality and characteristics that can be found in British TV crime shows. The women come from different backgrounds and aren’t the least “cookie cutter” types that seem to populate American TV. Senior citizen, overweight, or otherwise a challenge to see as a serious lead actress? British detectives might surprise you.

Hubpages decided to include that review collection in one of their new sites, Reelrundown.

It Didn’t Start There

It started on PBS.

I began watching, and gaining a taste for, British detective shows on PBS. Centered around idiosyncratic male roles, like Inspector Lewis, and Morse. Those have been favorites, much slower paced action, and more personality development than what an American viewer is used to. Also, with the need for captions when adjusting to the dialects of British English.

Hooked On Amazon Prime Shows

I had to go looking for these series that had whetted the appetite for mystery (or continued an early reading obsession from my adolescence).

Those shows, like ‘Prime Suspect’, ‘Inspector Lewis’, and ‘Endeavor’ inspired the posts showcasing the engrossing mysteries with British character depth, slowly evolving plot, and understated backdrops.

Cliff-hangers are the order of the day in many of the series, which makes for great binge watching sessions. For those who like tidy endings, many of the shows oblige with that wish. Both kinds of TV entertainment are satisfied. Although I do confess to being prone to binges of episode after episode.

Then The Desire To Share

I thought others would enjoy short reviews  of the shows I liked best.

For a rundown of the best shows, see British TV Detectives To Investigate Tonight. That page is the bookend to the British Female Detective reviews. If you love detective mysteries you may really enjoy the great shows listed in the two new Hubpage articles. Video clips! Photos! Polls!