Recently, after being asked to collaborate with a newbie on creating a coaching business, I started looking into information that would inform me, and be helpful to her. I came across some resources to list here, so readers could benefit, too.

Ittybiz Advice

I’m a newsletter subscriber to the emails of ittybiz creator Naomi Dunford. Her style isn’t for everyone, as the original source of introduction stated (Copyblogger and Third Tribe, Darren the Problogger). She does teach and coach in online endeavors ranging from marketing to youtube presence, etc as well as run her now re-branded blog. Personally, I dislike the present path of centering things around her interest of astrology, but she has solid online business advice.

I found the following article on “business rates”.

Efficiency in Creating Content

Next I found Marina Darlow’s podcasts, and listened to a few; she speaks clearly, but with a fairly heavy accent. The most helpful was a podcast interview with Marc Mawhinney. From Canada, he hosts the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast.

Link for the podcast on iTunes. Creating insanely prolific amount of content

More From Marc

That podcast sparked my interest in listening to Marc’s podcast recordings. He has two channels that I noticed; one was full length podcasts, while another consisted of short clips.

Here is a sample of the latter:

Forward Into 2019

While I’m still working towards making the ever-changing internet a source of business income, I know that my main objective will be to continue efforts to write more often and consistently in my various blogs.

Income streams keep constricting.

Amazon closed some of its revenue producing opportunities, and I have many less affiliate earnings than in previous years. I moved away from Hubpages, and don’t consider it a good fit for me, although previous articles I’ve written are still on the site. I’ve been removing many and posting them on my own blogs.

Google adsense has been sometimes down to pennies and other times at a few dollars, but it takes three to four month for a payout, presently. It may increase somewhat through increased publishing in my blogging.

I invested a great deal in graphics creation resources in 2018, so am not yet seeing true profitability in Zazzle yet. Still, I am encouraged by the fact that it is increasing in numbers and frequency of sales. this will continue to be an endeavor along with choosing one other POD in which to concentrate effort this year.

These were a few thoughts, and links, that might spark your own creative juices in building business or bettering your blogging.