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What am I in the middle of learning right now?

If you’d like to see what is currently happening- go to this page of the “continuing education“.

Using Adobe Illustrator, Making videos, Upping my blogging-game, Learning to use the Genesis theme for WP, Adjusting to writing changes via Hubpages,  Improving my output and work on Zazzle, those are some of the efforts I have been in the middle of for the last 6 months to a year.

Most of my video efforts at the moment are centered on learning about it. Must bridge that to actually producing video and uploading to Youtube. That bridge is always where I get held up.

Using canva to make a quick illustration. The more I use the program, the better I can customize. This is a generic template.

I pay for PicMonkey and Canva… I need to work more at producing the graphics. I get into time consuming ruts like making everything from scratch in either Gimp or Photoshop. The “old dog” syndrome. I’ll make a couple of graphics for this post.

I consolidated two blogs: the Reflecting Pool and Webhelp. I also folded in an old blogspot blog “Happy Thoughts, Mood Helium”. All posts are in the main Reflecting Pool blog, now. Still very much in development.


Making podcasts. Reopening my review site. Using things I paid for, from software to licensed fonts and graphics.

The graphics especially are something that I must use to just break even on them. I have been developing all the Zazzle stores: Ilonagarden, Ilona Baby, Vintage Ilona, and a few others. Zazzle as a business that requires huge amounts of work. For me it is a fork in the road that has nothing to do with other efforts, but I want to have some supplementary income from it and I want to flex some creative muscle. Reason enough to  pursue it.

I really must decide on branding for what I do online. Instead of “being all over the place”, it will be new to consolidate the look and focus of my writing, presentation, and logo.

Pillow Design Examples

These are designs using licensed elements.

What’s on Hiatus?

The garden newsletter went on an unplanned hiatus. Long story, won’t go into it now. It will revive.

Christmas site always goes on hiatus during the top garden season. This year, I want to make good on what I promise myself every year: I will work on the Christmas site in the summertime.

Truegrit remains on hiatus.

Hubpages will get less time. It has been extremely frustrating for me to meet the demands there and I can’t seem to be part of their community.

As per the last post, Etsy is off the table, Cafepress is not going to be part of what i do in the future.

Summed Up

This is just a heads up for what’s going on in my work world.