What’s New, and What’s on Hiatus?

Been Doing This /

What am I in the middle of learning in 2023?

I didn’t get far with the learning curve on Adobe Illustrator. So it was tabled. Instead, I purchased Procreate and am trying to master that. Taking baby steps. Video dropped off the radar, Many things went on a long hiatus because of :

  • Finding a new house and moving to another state
  • Covid (I was hospitalized for a time and been slow in recovery)
  • Redirected many of my effort to my new life.

RE-newing efforts in writing for the garden site and for Ilona’s Reflecting Pool. Ilona’s Garden needed much updating- the plugins, the pages and posts, some of the photos, I slowly go through each individual page to try and make it as easy to read, looking current, and editing for clarity.  IRL ( that could be “in real life”, but it’s the reflecting pool) is a place for pages that were removed from Hubpages and made over for my blog.

Hubpages went on permanent hiatus. I no longer write new articles there, the few that went into their specialized sites stayed, others that were old Squidoo-related are in holding pattern there.

Using Canva to make a quick illustration.  I dispensed with PicMonkey and increased use of Canva. It has become a powerful platform and very useful.


I am upping my game on Zazzle. It languished with little progress and I left it hang for the two years I was busy moving. Now, however, I have learned a lot more about the Platform and have been very busy working on new items and designs. I have put into action some things learned form Lisa Irby and the Clarke team of Jen and Elke. I listen to free advice on Youtube.

Still lagging on “Branding”, but tightening up some of that from learning more lessons and implementing into endeavors that have been online for many years.

To give an idea of how I change designs to update Let’s compare.

Pillow Design Examples compared.

These are designs using licensed elements.

What’s on Hiatus?

The garden newsletter is still  dormant.

Christmas site was updated to improve on the styling and improving older posts. Very little new content was added.

Truegrit remains on hiatus.

Hubpages is accessible, but no new writing there.

I have dabbled with Red Bubble, and that might be accelerated in the future.

I work on updating the many pages of the Old Blog: Ilona’s Garden Journal, which became “Home Garden Companion”. Once I get my feet in the Georgia garden with my greatly reduced physical capacity, I hope to write more in that blog. “Til then, it is not receiving attention to new posts.

I also have vastly reduced participation on Social Media- all the platforms. I use them to let people see the new work on the Zazzle stores.

Summed Up

This is just a heads up for what’s going on in my work world.