I started out well enough in 2017. I did a major overhaul of updating old pages, editing and sometimes revising them on the Garden sites. I transferred a number of the Squidoo/Hubpage articles to my own sites, after full-blown editing. Almost as much work as writing something from scratch.

Then What Happened

colorado mountain goats

Grazing next to the Lodge where I was staying

I went on a family vacation which was a break from writing, initially.

Keeping up with a grandson was enjoyable during that time.  Not so good was the beginning of the struggle with pain and mobility that seemed to mark most of the following year.

The months marched by, and I’m afraid very little was written. The garden journal, the garden site, and all the other projects took a back seat while I traveled to Colorado in the fall, spent time with family, worked on the decluttering project of clearing the house and organizing my life.

I had a chance to have grandkids for visits all through the summer! We had fun with games, art, and lots of activities.

I also spent time learning more of my graphics programs. Keeping up with projects became a bit too much going into Christmas, and there you have it! A lost year, as far as online work; but a busy productive one in my life.

It Was Time to Think

With the vast changes on the web in the last few years, I felt I was treading water. I had lost my creativity in the way I was blogging, had no idea how to go forward with my newsletter, and had completely stopped making videos, in my quest for perfectionism.

I tend to look at such an impasse as an opportunity to change. Here is where I want to go moving forward:

  • Concentrate on a more creative type of writing in the garden pages… regaining some of my old enthusiasm.
  • I believe I have an idea of what the newsletter’s purpose is now.
  • I will be making more video, if all goes to plan.


My Online Life Always Reflects the Real One

I don’t have a division between online and real life. WYSIWYG is my style. I’m letting my readers see this “behind the scenes” view of my plans because I choose to broadcast the sunny days of my life, and share the passions. If I am too busy or stressed to do that, then writing production goes down.

I have decided upon a solution for the secondary reason for reduced writing, etc. Blogging has become expensive for me, and the income it produces to pay for itself has seen a sharp decline (like many online writers). Instead of filling pages with ads, I have a reasonable number and more prominent Donation page for those who care about what I do.

Thanks for that, BTW.


Older Equals Better, Yes or No

I’m getting older, not a new prospect, but this past year has seen a real slowdown of my ability to get things done. I have had to pay much more attention to my health. This has greatly impacted my gardening. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat, so I think I’ll write a bit about it.

Decluttering is the over-riding goal and task at hand in life. It went from a resolution to the main undertaking in the house and on the grounds. I think it is influencing the blogs, too.

Loving succinct, beautiful clarity makes me want to create and produce that same thing. That is the aim, going forward this year.

Goals in a Nutshell

  • Produce Garden articles at a rate of one article and one blogpost per week.
  • Produce one article a month per each other blog.
  • Produce 2 monthly videos for Youtube One for each channel.
  • Invest in a better camera.
  • Increase work (and income) in Zazzle.
  • Produce one newsletter per month.
  • Work in garden consistently
  • Better my health, increase mobility.
  • Budget time and money more efficiently
  • Corral social media time.