This post was originally a collection of fashion from Polyvore. As you may be aware, that site completely closed down with all images and forwarding broken. This post, and a few others on the site, was part of the “collateral damage”.

Every once in awhile the ephemeral existence of the web becomes evident. Everything is transitory and sometimes the changes are very fast online. This is not the first time reliance on something that is “free” has disappeared online. Remember Geocities? That site is where I began creating websites. It disappeared too, but with a little more warning.
For a peek at the fashions represented by this now defunct post, I had made a page on Squidoo (also disappeared, but with an integration into Hubpages). See what I mean about the changes online? They are the one constant.

Here is the photo, and a link to the fashion page that it inspired.

Fashion denim collection

Summer Denim

Fashion for Over Fifty

The Featured Clarks Shoe

This is the beautiful sandal featured in the collection. I was so happy to find an affordable, easily available sandal in my favorite brand that had the Denim look! I have long been a fan of this brand for comfortable walking. Now, both my sister and my daughter are big fans, as well.

These shoes combine stability, comfort, and great fashion looks. I have Clark sandals (plural) and winter boots that I swear by. The Leisa Cacti Slide Sandal is perfect for a casual lace and denim outfit.