I renewed this domain name, and since returning from the vacation across the country (it really was an amazing trip), I have buckled down to updating my pages and sites. I hope to get this process organized and streamlined because one person really is hard put to manage lots of blogging and different sites.

Last year I tried my hand at more affiliate ads to help support what I do online. It is either make enough money to do this, or get a minimum wage job which would destroy any chance of this dream of writing and creating (who would have the energy?!) In the interest of that I updated my affiliate info page.

Right now I have very few links to affiliate partnerships, and am having a difficult time keeping track. It would take weekly attention to putting up and taking down links. At least that is the way I have worked it, which isn’t working! Except to take lots of my time and effort. The hope, of course, is to learn to do this properly…. and that would support my blogging and also create value for readers and visitors to the site- you. The golden win-win solution that is in keeping with the spirit with which I started websites in the first place.

I just wish to continue and pay more attention to creating and publishing valuable content and artistic endeavors.

as an aside: I finally set up my art corner, too. but I have a sort of artist bloc after all these years (almost 40) of not drawing or painting except for the occasional vacation thingy or two.