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What are the new projects? In WordPress, I am trying out the Method theme on Gardenlibrarian.com. It is a premium theme and has a learning curve to master all the things it can do. I am considering changing over Ilonasgarden.com to this theme.

I invested in a membership to Mysitemyway.com for the use of all their present themes.

Ilona’s Garden Articles

At the same time, I am trying to pay more attention to writing content for my main site. I took off almost a year as I built up the lenses over at Squidoo. They are my main source of online income, now, and have been the source of more income from Amazon. Which was negligible before. One of the most important things that the garden site has gained from Squidoo is my development in learning more about things like tags and SEO, etc.

New pages recently
Annuals in the garden series:

Added to the monthly chores, after missing April.
May Chores 2013

For herbs, there is an article on making a Medicinal Herb garden.

Added two plant profiles on shrubs:

I’ve been very busy with that, and there is more. Keep up with the free subscription to the site.
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Ilona1 Squidoo

I slowed up on Squidoo, but still managed to publish new lenses.

  1. New Summer Scents Fragranced Candles
  2. Grandma Makes a Fairy House

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Ilona1 HubPages

My newest experiment online is writing for Hubpages. There are two reasons to do this. The first is the same as for Squidoo: provide links to my writing. The second is the same as Squidoo, the additional income paid by the site (Hubpages is new for me and the amounts are minimal-pennies).

The community is not as welcoming as Squidoo, and the writing not as much fun.
But it promises to provide income, and the experience of tighter technical writing might help my skills. I do like the hub creation format. It tells you plainly when you draw outside the lines of the desired results.

Both Hubpages and Squidoo are forced to clean up after the many spammers and poor content writers that flooded their sites looking for easy money. So I am happy about the restrictions, actually.

Check out my latest Hubs, Ilona1 on HubPages.