I like new starts. Not surprising for an INTP. This year I have started working on tying up loose ends to get my garden site working efficiently again, which is more of a “J” function, but I made myself stick to it. Last year, with all the updates, that resulted in changed wordpress themes, and snafus with permanent links, were quite a challenge to get on track.Besides, while blogging and writing are high on my priority list, for 2011 the family came first along with many out of town trips.

But with the new year, I worked diligently to follow all the 404’s and tweak the themes and update pages to have more ,better, and supplemented content. And finally got The Gazebo in order, too. That required working with htaccess files, which somehow were messed up in the updating process. I added a recipe feature there, although that is a bit of a pain for an author to work with.

I started making lots more Zazzle products and actually sold a few. I used it recently to create posters with my vision board efforts– a new thing tat I hope will upgrade my confidence and optimism.

The test for all this new enthusiasm for the year? Whether I get busy organizing and cleaning the house in a measurable way, whether I lose weight and get fit in the next couple months, and how the garden looks this July. Those are test points… Here goes!