You might not be aware of the new pages at Ilona’s Garden, even if you subscribe to the posts. I use the WordPress “pages” format for much more than just the occasional index. All my favorite plant highlights are on their own pages, as well as categories of plants, like trees, bulbs, or flowers. I also have numerous topics like design subjects written as pages rather than “posts” which often get lost in the shuffle of a blog.

In fact, the number of pages versus posts on Ilona’s Garden is 294 published Posts / 133 published pages.

The newest tree addition is a page on the Gingko biloba tree, which is really a choice tree to plant in your landscape.

Autumn Gold Gingko Biloba

Some Others:

I made some new guides for midsummer and fall.

New Posts

I finally closed the Gazebo and moved the posts from there into the main site, where a few recipes have been posted (that was one feature I had hoped to have on the “Gazebo” section of the site.It’s better to consolidate!

I am trying to build a series of monthly chore posts to go with the Garden Chore Pages. The October one was a bit late, but is now posted.

It dropped after so many of them seemed repetitious year after year; may resume for 2016 growing season.

I am trying to post at least once, sometimes twice a week at Ilona’s Garden Journal. This was helped by moving many of my former articles from the Squidoo/Hubpages efforts. Those articles were completely overhauled and updated to provide a plethora of information on each topic.

Watch For New Activity

Watch for lots of new postings this year. I had started some youtube videos and that will continue, so I am looking forward to this years blogging in the garden!