So here’s the story. Over the years I posted my favorite family recipes online, but in many different venues. How do I expect people to find them? Thus I came up with this index idea… just collate the published recipes in a page that creates a collection. Perhaps someday I will make a free ebook with them… if I’m allowed (I’m not the originator of all of them) In the meantime go to where you want to go for dinner or dessert! Many of themare posted on Hubpages, and also on my own blogs.


Chicken Paprikash

When asked what my favorite Hungarian recipe would be- this is it. Just be sure you use REAL Hungarian paprika.

Hungarian Recipe Collection

An overview (with recipes) of some of the most famous dishes and why this is a world cuisine. Entree, side dish, and dessert recipes included in one article.

The Ubiquitous Goulash

Many different ways and the interesting history of “gulyás”, better known to Americans as Goulash. Oh, and a bit of an essay on Ethnic Church cookbooks.

Side Dish

Parsleyed Potatoes

Very versatile sidedish that goes with almost any meat , poultry, or fish dish.

Cucumber Salad

This is my favorite, which is super simple.


Szegedi Cake

A sour cream bundt cake with fresh apple filling. This not too sweet, but rich, cake is the way I like fruit desserts. It gives first place to the flavors of apple, cinnamon, and sour cream.

A Lemony Light Cookie

My mom’s favorite, and a modern kind of cookie that light and easy to make. A different kind of Kifli.

Kifli and Other Christmas Cookie Delights

Cookies1 | Cookies2 | Cookies3 and Desserts

First link send you to a printable recipe that I originally included in my online Christmas cookie collection. Eventually they will be put into the format that allows easy download of recipes. Kifli are rich delightful cookies that can be filled with numerous types of fruit or nut wrapped in sour cream and cream cheese enriched doughs.

Desserts On my Reflecting Pool

The Old Fashioned Braided Coffee Cake

For diehard baking aficionados, not the simplest recipe, but a delicious one.

Hungarian Coffee Cake

A few words about the time honored tradition of taking a coffee break with friends. Highlighted by a traditional, but simple recipe for famous Hungarian flavor.