For me it is a “percolating” month. I have much better long-term accomplishment if I focus in this month and then begin to launch the plans in the late winter/ early spring. You know what else follows this timeline? Plants.

So what did I accomplish in January?

In Ilona’s Garden

I wrote two articles, adding to the “basic skills” and ” garden plant” articles on the site.

Pinching and Deadheading Plants

List of Perennials for Dry Shade

I updated a number of articles, which I try to do regularly.

Ilona’s Reflecting Pool

I republished articles from hubpages on my own site, upgraded the way recipes appear on the site, and created a new article in response to social media request.

All About Cardamom Spice

Cardamom Rolls Recipe #2

Start a Family Game Night

Where I’m From Poetry Template

I wanted to change the way recipes are posted in anticipation of including more in both this site and the garden site ( since cooking is a big part of growing your own produce!)

i decided to repost some of my Truegrit blogposts here and there on social media. I posted the Where I’m From post, and people asked about the template. It was so hard to track down that I created a blogpost to keep the resource for myself and my friends.

Zazzle Products

The lionshare of effort this month has been in improving my work at Zazzle. I invested a great deal of my online budgeting to graphic resources for this goal, and felt I needed to accomplish more in this endeavor. I am beginnign to sell more on the site, and I think the concentrated efforts are giving me a better idea of what people want, and helping me produce much higher quality design.

Although I have a number of “stores”, most of the production has been inside the Ilona’s Garden store.

I not only have worked on the designs, I have worked on the overall setup of the stores, including deleting many, many of the old designs.

Prep Instead of Jumpstart

I would say it looks like February and March will be more of the “jumpstarts”, while January followed the preparations route. I made plans on how I would participate in social media this year. The goal is to rev up instagram, wind down FB time, increase blogging.

I have said for years I would buy a new camera that will give better photos. This spring is the time to actually do that.

So…. these are the updates.