I had major site hack problems at the end of 2012, and had been trying to combat some other site hacking earlier – ever since Netfirms, my hosting, was absorbed by EIG, which is now taking over Hostgator soon. I tried reinstalling my software regularly, etc, but the sites were all slow, and even one of my WordPress blogs had to be reinstalled. I had to clean many of my posts of inserted spam. It was a major problem and took lots of my time and effort to fix.

It motivated me to look for a more lasting remedy, and investigate hosting alternatives, and learn about what it takes to move established sites from one host to another and which hosts are best for a small time enterprise like mine.

I’ve been looking at other hosts with better security, but whatever needs to be done, I found an interesting solution I am trying, called Cloudflare. It serves the pages of one of my site , and claims to be faster and safer. I am trying with just one site on their free plan.

If this works out well for my websites, I think it would be worth the fees to use it for all my websites.

Take a look at “Cloudflare“.