Having started at Fine Art America a few years ago… I sort of left it and neglected to put up new pics, That is all changing now.

I am loading up photos that I think are right for this particular site, and wanted to post a bit about what is being uploaded and created on this site.

If you’d like to peer into my work on Fine Art America, I placed a page on my site, here. Like the Z-store, it displays the pictures and has a built-in shopping cart for convenience.

Flower Photos with an Art Twist

I am trying to see how texture changes the feeling for what otherwise could just be another flower photo. Using some of my best up close portraits.
Roses are of the Rosa Rugosa type.

Art Prints
Photography Prints

I Love Jersey Cows

Sell Art Online

Right now I only have one photo of the farmlife uploaded. This same image is also available on Zazzle’s site. I have only been active on that site for a few years, and on this one, fineartamerica, I had uploaded a few pictures to try it out, and then neglected it.

I’m not sure if it is a good site for people to either sell or buy from, due to lack of experience. Presently, there have been a few snafus when I tried to upload an image, but I couldn’t troubleshoot what happened.

The community here does not seem as active as Zazzle’s.

If you have experience with this site or opinions, feel free to leave a comment about your own experience.