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I’ve done an awful lot of background work on my sites, but trying to catch up with writing as well. Mostly, my efforts have been in the garden writing. Both the musings on the garden journal and the nuts and bolts of garden how-to.

Vintage Queen Bee Stickers
Vintage Queen Bee Stickers by BoutiqueLouLou
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Squidoo still keeps me busy, and it is the main source of income for me, right now. Especially when I consider that most of my increase in Amazon sales can probably be directly attributable to traffic to my Squidoo pages.

I will have to slow down in order to work on my housework. Now there’s an area of life that has been sorely neglected. Although my son and I have been making fruit smoothies and we are trying to eat better around here. So something on the domestic front is improving.

Favor Sticker | Bumble Bee
Favor Sticker | Bumble Bee by Plush_Paper
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Still, it is hard to pull all the threads of life together to make things seem like they actually make something. Everything is at odds and ends – at least that is how I feel, but maybe I should become more philosophical and compare life to a scrapbook project, with all the interesting bits and bobs that go into an eventual masterpiece.