(Update) I looked further into the process and decided that it is unlikely I could make it pay anything near to the amount of work and time that would have to go into the endeavor at this time. See the Etsy selling page. I was so excited by the prospect of building a handmade business, but after viewing some tutorial videos, the advice was to have your own website, and that costs for running a shop on Etsy’s site weren’t worth it.

Now I am sure that idea is probably one that is oversimplified for most startups in this line of work, but I already have the self hosted sites. I also have invested much of my own money into trying to improve the sites I have (which is why they are monetized).

Every person must make their own decisions on which pathway is best for them- that is nowhere more true than in trying to create a business. So, for now, Etsy remains an untapped and undeveloped source for me.


My Original Intention

In 2009 I signed up to Etsy, fully intending to start a shop. Instead it went to the furthest back burner. I have always been a slow starter…quick to sign up, but taking the learning curve and setup to ridiculous lengths. That happened with my time on Amazon, not buying anything for many years, and using it to try to monetize my site, but taking bout three years befor I understood how to actually accomplish that.