Always beginning with hope. Advent.01. we light the first candle.

Everything begins with hope it seems. Most of our endeavors, do. This season of Advent is no different. We hope to deepen our love for God, for each other, and to meet so many expectations.

God has only one expectation: that we come to Him in faith. I am confident of that statement because He sent Christ to the earth in that long ago time. Christmas begins with hope, and we start with lighting the candle of that name.

Start following my daily devotions for the years of 2016. Meditations on gratitude and developing thankfulness throughout the season.

Start with a devotional for every day.

My Advent Journey

If you have not followed my Advent postings in the past, here is a short synopsis:

  • The idea of posting a surprise quote, photo, or Christmas clipart, something like an Advent calendar started off the blog in 2006
  • Devotionals took on “themes”. They grew in length and inspired a look at different ways to celebrate Advent.
  • A format started to develop: a Carol suggestions for each day, a scripture, eventually a heartfelt prayer.
  • Years change in focus, some are for small children, the more recent ones are thought provoking and meant to have conversation participation. These work well when teens are in the circle.
  • This ear, 2016, one overarching quality, thankfulness, is being explored. Using the Jesse tree theme of the past as a framework.

The Blog Framework

It has been a challenge to find the right frame for a blog that only has devotionals during the Christmas season. To highlight both the present years opening of the post, to the presentation of past years crafts, recipes, or devotional thoughts, a magazine style is being tried with an initial Calendar segment on the front page.

This has been a challenge and likely will get tweaked over the following year.

Originally Christmas in Ohio

While the blog has kept a fairly consistent format and purpose through the years, the oldest attempt at sharing Christmas celebration ideas came from the Christmas in Ohio webpage. It was actually part of my very first webmaster and writing work online.

Christmas in Ohio still exists, as part of the Loving Christmas site.

Join me on the blog for Advent.