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You’ve reached the site of ilona1… this is where all my sites and online activities find a hub. From the websites and social sites to the art activities on Zazzle, you can find the links and news here. Welcome!

What can this site do for you? If you are a fan of my work online, it can help you find my sites and activities. Or if you are interested in learning from my blogging experience (I’ve been doing this since 2003, and making my own website since 1998) or creating online income through Zazzle, etc. I have posts you may be interested in.

The main motivation ever since the beginning of my online career has been sharing my skills and knowledge with those who are interested in learning from them. In this way I have written about gardening, raising a family, health interests, and earning money online.

I always appreciate the time my readers give me, and hope they desire to support my efforts to continue. The ads, Amazon affiliation, and other forms of monetization are meant to pay for the costs of creating and improving content that is helpful and relevant.

So far it makes it possible for me to pursue this as a hobby. I have numerous types of “about me” posts and pages on each site. If you are truly interested, follow the links.

Truegrit Revelations

The short and long of it Introduction to the Gardener

About me back in 2003 through 2005; pick and choose among the highlights of personal blogposts in some of my earliest efforts to write in an online journal.