It seems like the word that rises to the top of every goal is “focus”. Not without setbacks, since I went to the hospital two weeks ago, but with reminders that setbacks should simply help us to refocus better. One of those focal points is to be sincere about the execution of the plans. It isn’t enough to have a good plan, the plan must be implemented.

Part of the “coming together” is more writing. Now that the themes have been worked into the sites, I am writing on Ilona’s Garden with a new resource page project, Composting Info.

I have very recently written on this site’s blog, Webhelp, “Magnetic Headlines“, to share some of the good tutorials that Copyblogger regularly supplies.

Takeaway Success

Don’t be afraid to start over

That is exactly what I’ve done in several cases and it turned out for the better; at least I wasn’t continuing to spin my wheels! I had to start over at Squidoo when they totally changed the way their site ‘s expectations and direction was to go. I guess you could say I had to start over because they had to start over.

At first, I felt as if all my hard work, and having to toss the things I’d worked hard to learn ( the ways of doing things that weren’t working)  was not only going down the tubes,but that I wouldn’t be able to switch gears and learn how to succeed in the new environment. But I stuck with it, changed every lens I had to comply with the new requirements, learned how to use new formats, read the necessary tutorials and tips.

On their part, they were great at helping people adjust, giving loads of techniques and advice, while explaining what was behind the need for change. That worked great for someone like me, and overall I have imporved on many fronts, and make more income at Squidoo now. My lenses have become ranked higher. It has been a good change for me.

I am still much slower in production and still feel like I don’t have my sealegs there, yet, but I have a focus on where I am going.

That is the type of thing I am talking about.

Where is the focus going?

exploreFor the most part it is an integrated type of goal setting. A becoming.

That was the thought at the beginning of 2014, and after the visit to the hospital, became solidified.

Instead of trying to a,b,c, as goals, I am becoming A. I am becoming healthy by way of what I do differently and the emphasis and priority I give it in my life.  So I don’t have the goal, “exercise more” or “3 times a week” or “eat more fresh fruits nad vegetables”… instead I move more I exercise as part of my life, I buy better food, and make sure that is what I eat. I de-stress.

Instead of think about all the rules of what to do or not do, I do things because of who and what I want to be.

What has been accomplished recently?

Squidoo Lenses Written

I wrote more than I thought I had!

New Garden Articles

I Pray For My Plants

Choosing Your Christmas Tree

Winter Composting

A new Hub, “Building a Rock Garden,Everything You Wanted To Know“, which really is a fairly extensive post.

Plus I’ve been posting in the Ilona’s Garden Journal. I also tried to keep up with Social media a little more.

So I have focused more on producing content and not just thinking about it… which is another focus of this year. I am pleased with everything except that bout of dangerously high blood pressure, but am very optimistic that the focus on becoming more of the person I need and desire to be will help take care of that situation as well.