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Websites, blogs, and online articles, along with social media: I write in lots of places. You may have seen ‘Ilona’s Garden’, my garden website | Garden Librarian, for garden book reviews  | IlonaGarden @ Hubpages


I have again started to share whatever solutions or useful apps and new stuff to share with readers on Ilona’s Reflecting Pool. “How to blog better”, “Healthy Woman” are two topics of many. Check out my blogs.

Social Media

I am on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, regularly. On Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, and other places, just look for Ilona1 or Ilonagarden as my two main handles online.

Artistic Endeavors

I have been active on Zazzle to fulfill a desire to make art, and hope to expand developing this side of my creativity.
Beginning to expand to Redbubble and Amazon Merch.
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Articles On This Site:

New In My Garden World

I write a garden newsletter now, which combines all my interests and new work, but mainly concentrates on the gardening part. Called 'Garden Enthusiasm', it's been pretty well received by my readers because they are pretty wonderful people. If you like the chatty part...

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2014 Is For Coming Together, Into Focus

It seems like the word that rises to the top of every goal is "focus". Not without setbacks, since I went to the hospital two weeks ago, but with reminders that setbacks should simply help us to refocus better. One of those focal points is to be sincere about the...

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Busy As The Proverbial Bee

Sandy Beach Wedding Invitation 2 by ilonagarden Get a custom printed announcement from zazzle Latest sales on Zazzle above- finally making some sales! I've done an awful lot of background work on my sites, but trying to catch up with writing as well. Mostly, my...

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Learning New Things

One of the things I learned how to do on this site is to use more than one theme, but truthfully it would be hard for me to do it again. That is true of many of the things that are completely new, so I will be writing a small tutorial on my Webhelp blog when I work on...

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If you need to contact me, the best way is through social media such as twitter or on my facebook page.

I’m using Prime to watch some of my favorite shows and save money on purchases and shipping.

To see a sampling of some of my favorite shows (a definite leaning towards Brit Detective shows), I wrote a couple of recommendation pages for Hubpages.


Best British Female Centric Detective Shows: Gritty, Independent, Surprisingly StrongIntriguing British TV Detectives to Investigate Tonight