Hubpage Profiles

I know it is confusing, but Squidoo permanently moved and merged with Hubpages. The Squids who could not transfer their name ( their present Hubpage accounts could not be used for technical reasons) had to choose new personas. That included me. This is the original account which will now have to be related to a niche so I can more easily keep track. See you on Hubpages!


I’m in the process of closing out the Ilona1 profile…it was a redundancy that didn’t merit continued effort.

A Writing Community That Replaced Squidoo

A new venture, just begun in 2013 is writing for Hubpages. This is another attempt to broaden my writing, community and online income. Many Squidoo lensmasters had articles on Hubpages, and when I read some of them advocating this line of revenue, it sparked the motivation to try it out.

Although quick to make pennies, it doesn’t even come lose to the income that Squidoo provides. I like the community there, but not nearly as well as Squidoo.

I am still on Hubpages, but it has never proved as good a fit for me as Squidoo. Does it produce an income? That answer has had its up and downs and I wrote an article, on the potential to make money on Hubpages.

My Garden Blog and Website Pages

I moved all the articles, and updated each one, to either the “mother site” Ilona’s Garden, or the garden journal.

Journal: Home Garden Companion

Main Garden Website: Ilona’s Garden


Travel Hubs

These moved to the Ilona’s Reflecting Pool site. Remember that? My very first site on the web… resurrected a few years ago.

Ilona’s Reflecting Pool

Inside My Head

The topics from here also moved to the Reflecting Pool site.

Food Hubs

Ditto for recipe pages. They are on the Reflecting Pool.

Beauty Hubs

This topic was one that fit right into my Reflecting Pool.

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