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My brand, online work, blogs, and social media… this is the confluence of my projects.

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Ilona1, Ilonagarden, Ilona Erwin


Websites, blogs, and online articles, along with social media: I write in lots of places. Ilona’s Garden, my garden website | Garden Librarian, for garden book reviews | IlonaGarden @ Hubpages


I have again started to share whatever solutions or useful apps and new stuff to share with readers. How to blog better.

Social Media

Rebelmouse collates many of my posts on this page; I am also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, regularly. On Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, and other places, just look for Ilona1, Ilonagarden as my two main handles online.

Artistic Endeavors

I have been active on Zazzle to fulfill a desire to make art, and hope to expand developing this side of my creativity.

Hubpages And Brit TV

What is the connection you say? My latest work on Hubpages included reviews of the many detective shows I watch. Usually on Amazon Prime, but sometimes on PBS, or Netflix. (Catch your own prime membership:Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) My New Hubpage Chosen For...

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Amping Up At Zazzle

I order my online life the way I always used to balance my real life: taking turns with intensive efforts that rotated through my obligations and interests. I can’t say that it is efficient or applaudable, but I try to not “drop the ball”. Presently...

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My Zazzle Creations, 5 Steps To Payday

It’s Going To Be A Great Year For Ilona’s Garden Shop On Zazzle How do I know? Because in 2011 I started a whole new episode of designing products for the Zazzle store that I opened…oh, so long ago. But have only just began to actually create things...

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If you need to contact me, the best way is through social media such as twitter or on my facebook page.