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You've reached the site of ilona1... this is where all my sites and online activities find a hub. From the websites and social sites to the art activities on Zazzle, you can find the links and news here. Welcome! Here is where I have collated all the places and ways to find me online: Ilona1 on Squidoo, Ilona's Garden for Gardening websites and blogs, Truegrit for the original opinion blogs that I wrote on religion and political topics.

I really hope you visit the many reviews, opinions, and information articles that I have written for the!

What 's In The Garden?

My Articles To Make Your Yard A Garden

I like reading books more than writing reviews for them, I think. Most of the garden books I review are those I believe have real value for a real-life gardener, and some of them you will best find at the used book store, but more reviews will come as I look at reviewing more garden related products and  new garden books in the coming year.

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Blog Pioneer:  Blogging has changed -Social Media Gains Importance

Ilona's Garden

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If you wish to join my posse on Pinterest, why not follow my boards? I sometimes go wild, but not very often, at the moment I visit every other days, pin and like and find others to follow. I try to keep the pins to what I really love, so that it isn't overwhelming.

truegrit on Twitter

My twitter name

"I am less often on twitter these days ,but still like the connections. Largely gardening community, but I also have other interests, including techie stuff that I like to tweet"

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I Started Blogging...In 2002

Blog Pioneer, Early Adopter (for my age)

TrueGrit Blog

My first blog, and the one with my deepest thinking and innermost feelings on topics of theology, issues, and the human condition.  Relationships, ethics, - there is a lot of that thrown in with things I was thankful for, and things I was angry about.

Now on hiatus.

I started blogging before the crowd. And my first blog was actually lost when the free site 'Upsaid' deleted all the free blogs. After awhile I found Blogger, had a Movable type blog for awhile before switching to Wordpress for most of my sites.

I started out TrueGrit with more theology plus issues.



Women in the Church


There are times of reflection and contemplation.


Ilona's Garden Journal

The second oldest blog, but the one that stayed longest on the beginning platform. It is still on Blogger, mainly because they kept improving their platform; plus the fact that I had a couple very long hiatus periods.

Ilona's Garden Journal is the main journaling I do about my own garden. It has many how-to and other types of articles in there, too. Some I ported to Ilona's Garden.

Ilona's Garden Journal was one of the Pioneer garden blogs, as Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening puts it.

The Old House Blog is ht eone I started to tell the stories of our remodeling tales. We haven't written there much in the past couple years, but we ( my husband and I) might start up again.

The Old House blog

Before Blogger added pages and other newfangled assets, I needed to start an index for the many garden pages. I turned it into a list of things to do in the garden etc., but it hasn't developed much. blame Facebook for replacing the need to update everyone with such ephemera, now.

The Garden File


Not a blog, not a website, but a community made up of whole lots of pages that can make a bit of income.

Squidoo turns out to be a fun site that is addictive to work on. I probably would write there for free... but I probably am writing more now that I earn a little for it.

Definitely hard work, but I like their platform.

Squidoo Pages

After writing my heart out for free, and seeing some of my best stuff get swiped and scraped for others to monetize, and seeing some writers creating income producing websites when often their information was subpar.... I thought I should monetize, too, in order to rationalize spending all my time making pages and websites (as fun as it is. ..aside from some of the headaches that go with it). My writing, knowledge, and experience are worth continuing, I believe. Just trying to be honest and realistic, here.

Squidoo helps me do that.

Join Me on Squidoo

Part of the key to earning more than a couple cents is to write a large number of high quality lenses and keep them updated often. If you would like to do that and have fun in the great Squidoo community, why not join?


I have too many lenses now to list fully, but there are lists on my ilona1 squidoo blog, and on a page of Squidoo lenses on their own page in this site.


A "Lensography" is a category grouping of separate pages, or lenses. It is a good way to follow all the pages I wrote on a specific topic or related group of interests. One of the things I like about Squidoo rather than my one man show blogging is the wide range of things I can write about.

Topical Indexes

My List of Lenses, fairly complete.


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